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If you don’t know me already (why, hello!), the T is for Tanya and the M is for Marie, although I’ve always wished for a more interesting middle name, like Millicent or Madeline or even Mad-Eye Moody. Maybe I should have told you it was “just M,” à la Judi Dench. That would be cool.

I’m a technical writer by day, book editor by night. I live on Vancouver Island with my husband and our two sons.

welsh cakesI love baking almost as much as I love books. I sometimes dream of driving around in a dessert truck that has been painted up to look like a giant piece of lemon meringue pie, bringing treats to the masses. (boop! boop! It’s Profiterole Tuesday! ) My sweet obsessions vary and are ever-changing. Making ice cream is the latest. Oh, wait. Now it’s marshmallows clafoutis welsh cakes.

what a weird title for a blog

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