Clover’s Luck

clovers_luck The Magical Animal Adoption Agency is open for business!

Clover’s Luck is the first installment in a new series about a mysterious cottage in the woods, where you can find all manner of enchanted creatures looking for a good home.

Take this quiz to see which one might be right for you!

griffinI got GRIFFIN! I have loved this mythological monster (part eagle part lion) since I first read Alice in Wonderland (although that one wasn’t very nice). And this Maurice Sendak illustration says it all, doesn’t it?

Author: Kallie George

Publisher: HarperCollinsCanada

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Age range: 7-10


Bonus feature: I take my new pal out for a joyride.

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  1. It’s an adorable book, isn’t it? Kallie’s part of my writing group and when she came to the house last week, my daughter scored an ARC of the second book. I think it might be even better…

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