The Dollie Campaign


I wanted to share this holiday story of a remarkable little lass in our community. Her name is Caoimhe (pronounced KEE-vah) and she is on a mission.

Every Christmas, Caoimhe and her little brother each pick out a toy for the local Salvation Army Toy Drive, something they think a child their age would enjoy. Last year, a particularly beautiful dollie caught her eye and as she imagined the smiles it would bring on Christmas morning she started to think about how she could do more.

Like many children her age, Caoimhe loves to play with lotions and potions, mixing and matching and even creating her own scents. One thing led to another and at the tender age of five she created her own company!

Her plan was to sell enough of her Bath Love by Caoimhe custom-designed hand soap, complete with cool foam dispenser, throughout the year to be able to buy five dolls this Christmas for children right here in the Valley. Once word got out, the orders came streaming in. Her parents, in addition to their assembly-line work, helped her develop a system so she would have money to buy supplies but also a little left over for herself. All you have to do is ask and she will talk your ear off about her three-jar system: Charity, Company, and Caoimhe.

soapLast week she was thrilled when she realized she had earned enough to buy six dolls! Of course, she has chosen a toy company that donates a portion of their proceeds through World Vision to children’s causes around the world. The dolls will be dropped off at the Salvation Army this week and this little entrepreneur is already talking expansion. She told her mum that she thinks they should shut down for the winter, but plans to be back for the Spring and Summer market!

Thank you, Caoimhe, for sharing your great big heart with us, and for reminding us to be grateful for all that we have. You are one amazing kid.



Bath Love by Caoimhe products are handmade using essential oils, distilled water and pure organic castile soaps, which means they are gentle on you and the environment.

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