Brave(ish) New World


So, for some reason, I got it into my head to start a blog.

I think I might be regretting that.

My first attempt began with describing myself as a “noob,” because I was trying to be cool (or WHATEVER) and thought that’s something my son would say. Turns about, there are noobs and then there are n00bs (and apparently only n00bs use words like blogosphere). The jury is still out, but all signs seem to indicate that, for now, I’m just your garden-variety newb.

My head hurts.

ANYWAY, my original intention was to jot down a few notes now and again about what I’m reading, what I’m writing, and even what I’m cooking up in the kitchen. The things I do when I have a few moments to spare or need to recharge my batteries.

In case you’re wondering, “pass the damn ham, please” is my second-favourite line from my first-favourite book. Yes, I do realize that citing To Kill a Mockingbird as my touchstone is anything but unique. It’s a LOT of people’s favourite. As it should be. There was just something about Scout Finch’s smart mouth and keen observations that immediately resonated with my younger self. It’s a book I reread every few years (and, although you won’t catch me saying this often about adaptations, the movie is excellent, TKAM vintagetoo).

My FAVOURITE line from Mockingbird is “Hey, Boo.”

Every time I read those two words my eyes well up just like Scout’s when she sees Arthur Radley for the first time.  With one perfectly crafted line of dialogue, a person I’ve never met reached out to me and made me feel something: happy, sad, then happy again. I don’t remember when I first realized that words had that kind of power but I do know that once I did, I was hooked. I spend every chance I get seeking out that magic.

What is your book that begs to be reread?

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